Mika Seguchi

Mika Seguchi (瀬口 美華 Seguchi Mika?) Mika is Tohma Seguchi's wife and Eiri's sister. She cares a lot about Eiri and would give almost anything for him. She has mixed feelings about Eiri's relationship with Shuichi as she fears their relationship is bringing back bad memories for Eiri of Yuki Kitazawa since Shuichi is a lot like her brother when he was younger before the tragedy. However, as their relationship progresses she decides that she truly wants Eiri and Shuichi together as she see's that Shuichi is bringing out the best in her brother and gave Eiri hope for people again and gave him happiness she hoped for him.

Even though the two are married, almost nothing is shown to reinforce that Tohma and Mika are actually in love as far as the anime and manga show. In fact, Tohma even says "I love Eiri more than anything else in the world" and it is unclear if Mika knew how Tohma truly felt about her brother.

The manga hinted that the two are expecting their first baby and it's revealed it's a boy.


Mika Seguchi is Eiri's older sister and Tohma's wife. She's beautiful, yet cold when serious but can be kind and gentle. She looks quite a bit like Eiri except with long brown hair and makeup with blue eyes. She cares for her family and will do anything to protect them.

Role in GravitationEdit

Mika tries to get Eiri to talk to her as she worries for his well being ever since Yuki Kitazawa traumatized him by almost having him gang raped until Eiri killed him and his would be attackers. In the manga, she tries to get Eiri to come see their father who is dying, while in the anime their father is in good health and wants to bring the family back together. She fears that the bad memories, shutting himself from everyone and pushing people away will ruin his life and she fears that Eiri might be suicidal so she tries to get him to talk as much as she can and help him.

She was surprised when she met Shuichi, and when she learns Eiri has him around and they talk to each other, she was skeptical but amazed. However, due to Shuichi's hyper and loud nature she thinks he might make Eiri shut himself away from people even more, and the fact he was like her brother when he was younger worries her as she believed it might bring back Eiri's bad memories and at first wanted Shuichi to stay away for his sake and Eiri's.

But as Shuichi and Eiri lived together, gotten closer to each other and seeing how Eiri was putting his shield down with Shuichi, Mika realizes Shuichi was the best thing that ever happened to her brother.