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About GravitationEdit

Gravitation (グラビテーション Gurabitēshon?) is a Yaoi manga series written by Maki Murakami.The story follows the attempts of Shuichi Shindo and his band, Bad Luck, to become Japan's next musical sensation and his struggles to capture Yuki's heart. Fitting for the subject, the anime features a large amount of music, a diverse set of characters, plenty of comedy, romance, and touches of drama and violence.

The manga was published by Gentosha and was serialized on starting on 1996 and ended on 2002. The new chapters are being serialized in an online manga anthology. It is known as Gravitation EX or Gravitation Genzo. The manga has been licensed and is published in English by Tokyopop. The Gravitation novel was released in English by Tokyopop on March 7, 2006. There is also the Gravitation Collection which consists of 6 volumes, each of which has two original volumes of Gravitation in it. Gravitation has also been adapted into an anime series lasting 13 episodes. It was directed by Bob Shirohata.

A two episode OVA series was released in 1999. The thirteen-episode TV series aired in Japan from October 4, 2000 to January 10, 2001, on WOWOW satellite channel. The anime goes to roughly volume 7 of the manga. The Gravitation TV and OVA series have been licensed for North American release by Right Stuf International.

A manga sequel has been written under the title of Gravitation EX, published in English by TOKYOPOP.